Traveler's Passport Rewards Program, Kalamazoo Mi

Earn prizes and discounts with our Passport Rewards program.

Receive 1 stamp per day, for "frequent flyer" status
Receive 1 addtional stamp per day for any Entree from our Destination Menu.

Receive 1 bonus stamp per day when you order any one Traveler's Signature Cocktails

*Stamps cannot be recieved in conjunction with any other coupons or promotions.

Passport Rewards

Economy Rewards
Save any combination of 10 stamps to earn a $10 gift card to beused on a future visit.

First Class Reward
Keep saving those stamps until you have any combination of 20 stamps to earn a $25 gift card to bes used on a future purchase.

*Passport rewards cannot be redeemed in combination with any other discounts or promotions.

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